Quilombo  – The group

Quilombo was founded in 2004 by a group of people, fans of Samba Batucada who attended the teaching sessions of the Indian Mestre de batteria, Ravi Magnifique and subsequently decided to form their own samba group. Their eagerness to learn how to play, along with the enthusiasm of collaboration that this music generates to its participants, led to the forming of a large creative community, now counting thousands of members.

In the following years the group travelled around Greece carrying the message of working together in creative communities. This is, after all, the core of this group’s ideology and vision; the belief that cultural activities -especially collective ones- are fun, entertaining and enhance communication among people. In 2010 “Quilombo Centro Cultural” was born, a cultural institution that hosts a wide range of artistic workshops and related activities, where people have the possibility to take up any class that appeals to them and also experiment with their individual ideas and projects.

Quilombo is committed to the promotion of the arts – with particular, but not exclusive reference to Samba music, dance, the culture and tradition of Afro-Brazilian Carnival.


The band

Quilombo gigs normally consist of 12 to 15 musicians all of them playing different instruments; usually the Caixa, the Tamborim, the Surdo, the Repenique, the Cuica, the Pandeiro, the Agogo, the Chocalio and others.

The band’s percussive style is enriched by the players’ continuous movement. Whether standing on a stage or parading through the streets, everybody in the group moves in predetermined/rehearsed choreographies. Optionally, the drumming group can be accompanied by Samba dancers that enhance the aesthetic impression and scale up the show.

Quilombo band has taken up playing two different genres; Samba Batucada which is considered more traditional, popularized by the grandiose carnivals in Rio and Samba Reggae, a different kind of samba in terms of rhythm that flourishes in northern Brazil, influenced by Jamaican grooves that were introduced gradually into Brazilian traditional music.

The band performs mostly during Carnival season in numerous events around Greece, but also appears often in schools, music festivals, clubs, sports’ events, community events and street parades all year long.


Quilombo Centro Cultural – Art classes

Since its founding in 2010, it has been hosting numerous art classes; Brazilian Music and Cuban Percussion, African and Afrobrazilian Dance, Modern Dance, Devised Theatre, Cinema & Photography.

Additionally, its infrastructure allows for more classes such as, Flamenco, Capoeira, and Dance Theatre.

Anyone can join in without presuppositions.

The center is also available for live gigs, parties, bazaars and fests.

For more information please contact us.




Quilombo group is a non-profit organization. As such it is reliant to its members’ contributions and its volunteers to provide for the classes and the equipment necessary for all gigs.

Both the group and the Centro Cultural are being operated by a team of three but rely on their members and volunteers for an integrated performance.

Quilombo has been and will continue to be an open group, welcoming to all.